Black Sheep of the Family

A lazy morning today, don’t need to be anywhere till 11, so I had a chance to have a bit of a wander and hunt for some good coffee. You could say I hit gold, black gold (no Texas Tea though).

Right above the exit from St Paul’s tube station is Black Sheep Coffee. It’s the best I’ve had here in London on this trip. I think I’ll probably be visiting here again tomorrow. A real friendly bunch of baristas who were up for a chat whilst they made my coffee too.

Here is the store. It 2 Cheapside, but at double the price of home, so it’s not really on the cheap side.

Whilst consuming my cup of coffee goodness I went for a wander around the block. Saw a building that will bring back fond memories for one of my blog readers

Just past here I walked under a sign, is the universe trying to tell me something ?It’s actually a realestate agent, I don’t think (hope) the universe wants me to become a realestate agent. However it did answer one of my questions, how much would it cost to buy a flat in the Barbican across the road ? The answer is between £600,000 and £1,000,000 of the Queens finest. However don’t forget kiddos that this is London, “Buying” property is not quite the same as home. Freehold property, especially in central London is rare and you are essentially paying a princely sum to become a long term tenant.

The Barbican is a very interesting building, it’s so fugly, but you just can’t look away. Apparently it has some awesome features, it sure is close to everything, but if I’m spending a cool million quid on a pad in London I want something more like this

A little further down the road I noticed this. Now hopefully this is what the universe is really trying to tell me

Of course the odds of that are about 10 Bazillion to one, but unless you actually have a ticket the odds are zero. So here goes…..